Congratulations to Kirsty Graham for winning the Grand Prize of 10-Night Getaway to Aspen Snowmass for Two & Congratulations to Scott Bradley for winning the Runner Up Prize of 5-Night Getaway to Aspen Snowmass for Two!

Snap yourself at any (or all) of these 12 instagrammable locations across Aspen Snowmass’s four mountains and rocking resort town, and you could be the winner of 10 glorious nights next season.

We’ve made it even easier by creating an app for you to use. Just download the app below, and post your photos - don't forget to click & share to your Instagram and Facebook complete with essential Hashtags #POSTCARDSFROMASPEN #SKIMAXHOLIDAYS. 

1. Search for "scavify" in the App Store or Google Play and DOWNLOAD
2. Open the app, sign up to create a username, then search "PostcardsfromAspen: Skimax"
3. Snap Away - after your finished, don't forget to share on your Instagram and Facebook complete with mandatory hashtag #postcardsfromaspen #skimaxholidays.

The more hashtags you use, the more chances you have to WIN #ASPENSNOWMASS #GIVEAFLAKE 


Uh, only 10 nights for two in the bestest ski town in all the land.

  • 5-Nights Lodging at Limelight Aspen and 5-Nights Lodging with Snowmass Mountain Lodging (Snowmass Mountain Chalet)
  • 2 x 10-Day Lift Tickets, valid on all four mountains
  • 2 x 10-Day Premium Equipment Hire from Four Mountain Sports, includes overnight storage and transfer to any mountain

We’ve also got a prize for the runner up!

  • 5-Night Getaway to Aspen Snowmass for Two!
  • 5-Nights at Haymax Hotels (Hotel Aspen/Molly Gibson)
  • 2 x 5-Day Lift Tickets, valid on all four mountains 
  • 2 x 5-Day Premium Equipment Hire from Four Mountain Sports, includes overnight storage and transfer to any mountain


1. Rise and shrine

Few know that Aspen’s mountains are covered with secret shrines to legends in the woods. John Denver, Jerry Garcia, even Snoopy! Ask a local where to find the Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley shrine and take a pic.

2. Rolling in the deep

The Breathtaker Alpine Coaster is for the young and the young at heart. Take a fun thrilling coaster ride through aspen glades, up the ante and do it for après or after dark for Ullr nights.

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3. Here’s cheers

There’s après and then there’s Cloud Nine. The famous mid mountain restaurant at Aspen Highlands is know for two seatings of dance on table DJs and champagne sprays. Snap a toast with your mates or a random group.

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4. That’s a S’morè

Hmmmmm, S’mores, that gooey mix of Graham Crackers, chocolate and roasted marshmallows that Americans do so well. Hit up the free s’mores daily at the fire pits at Snowmass Base village or track them down in Snowmass Mall and smile for the camera.


5. On mountain madness

Advanced to expert skiers take a hike and take a pic at the top of the Highland Bowl. Intermediates find the ‘1/2 way down’ sign on Long Shot at Snowmass and snap away.

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6. Channel Torah

X Games glory comes to Buttermilk at Aspen every year when big names hit the super pipe. Check it out and marvel at the 22 foot side walls. Take a photo in front, at the bottom, to the side, down the middle, behind you, in the distance. Just take a pic.

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Image sourced: Aspen Times 

7. Not so little hot chocolate

The Little Nell is the luxe address de jour each winter for those who fancy the high life. Mere mortals can sip on a hot chocolate in the lounge, not just any hot chocolate, a Valhrona hot chocolate with house made marshmallows as light as a cloud. Capture this delicacy on camera.

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Image Sourced: The Little Nel Blog 

8. Moose on the loose

The purple Max the Moose bus is an icon around these parts. Taking kids and their ski school instructors from resort to resort. Get Max on film.

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9. Free skating

Ice skating at Snowmass Base Village launched this season, so be one of the first to make your mark with free skating daily and smile for your camera.


10. Pizza pie

The nightly pizza at The Limelight in Aspen is legendary and a local hang out so you can meet authentic Aspenites. Choose your pizza and make sure you get a shot before you inhale the doughy goodness.

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11. Snowmass Mountain Lodging

Ski-In/ Ski-Out Convenience! Snowmass is famous for boasting 95% ski-in/ski-out accommodations. Take a happy snap showing the convenience of slope slide luxury from Hayden Lounge - part of Snowmass Mountain Lodge - part of Snowmass Mountain Lodging's collection of apartments.  

12. Bus fuss

It’s free to ride the Aspen Snowmass bus and it even has fast wifi on board. Grab a photo of the bus stop outside Hotel Aspen or Molly Gibson for another Scavenger Hunt point.


You’ll get not one but two entries if you Give a Flake and get a picture of yourself doing it. Aspen is commited to ‘giving a flake’ for the community and the globe. So shoot yourself recycling, doing a random act of kindness, whatever Give A Flake means to you - for more ways you can Give A Flake click-here

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One pic at one location gains you one entry, two locations, two entries and so on. If you snap yourself at all 12 then we’ll give you 24 entries. For BONUS points snap yourself Giving a Flake and you’ll get two more entries.

Then upload your pics and share on Instagram and Facebook via the smartphone app "scavify" and you’re in the running to win 10 nights at Aspen Snowmass in 2018/2019. We’ve even got a runner up prize of 5 nights. 

You will be awarded 1 entry for every 1 scavenger location visited, up to a maximum of 12 entries. If you upload all 12 location snaps, you shall receive a bonus 12 entries in the prize draw for a maximum of 24 entries! Each entry receives a random and equal chance of being drawn. The more locations visited, the more points accumulated, and the more chances of winning the major prize! We will ensure all correct hashtags are used when awarding points. 

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